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Welcome to Flagtour Nigeria Official Website

a 'Do The Right Thing: Stir Patriotism Project'

Flagtour was designed to act as a substitute to the non impacting and non relevant Tours and Entertainment projects embarked upon by Nigerians. Flagtour is also a Guinness World Records Attempt that features taking a single National flag to all States in Nigeria and some other countries around the Globe.

Solo Flagtour A Pilot Project which was activated on 6th of December, 2012 has seen a National flag travel to some selected States in Nigeria which include Oyo State, Ogun State, Lagos State, Kogi State, Edo State, and some other foreign countries which include United Kingdom, United States of America and South Africa.

The Solo Flagtour commenced at the premises of the designer of the Nigerian National Flag, Pa. Taiwo Akinkunmi on 6th December, 2012.

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Solo Flagtour in South Africa

SA tour

Solo Flagtour Touched South African Soil and began a very exciting tour with JazzyB Adebayo Adesoji, a renown tv personality, Presenter, Film Maker, Director, Actor, Producer,Trainer ,Life Coach,Youth Advocate,Event Consultant & Planner,a ground breaker in service to God & humanity hosted Solo Flagtour in South Africa ...


Reason For Flagtour

lead strategist

Larry Dew, the Lead Strategist of West-Bay Nigeria said many brands in Nigeria follow the same trend of promoting entertainment and many other events that lack content. The side effect of these 'Money-Oriented' campaigns constitutes....


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